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September-October 2013
September 2013 show
the chuck e cheese show
The Chuck E Cheese Show

Segment 1
"Best Friend"

Intermission 1
Quaker Chewy Spot
VeggieTales- "His Cheeseburger"
Countdown 1
Rap R&B Hip Hop- Snoop Dogg : Signs
Countdown 2

Segment 2
"Livin Life"
"In The Summertime"

Intermission 2
Chuck E Cheeses Music Videos- "ABCD" Helen
Countdown 3
Rio DVD Spot
Countdown 4

Segment 3
"Hot Sauce"

Intermission 3
Monkey Ninjas Eps. #6
Gummy Bear Song
Countdown 5
Super Jasper
Countdown 6

Segment 4
"I Love The Sunshine"
"Chuck E Cheese"

Intermission 4
Pizza Survivor
Incredible Crash Dummies
Countdown 7

Segment 1 "Best Friend"/"Summertime"
Segment 2 "Livin Life"/"In The Summertime"
Segment 3 "Hot Sauce"/"SPF"
Segment 4 "I Love The Sunshine"/"Chuck E Cheese"

"Chuck E Cheese" is a parody of Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You" is written by Chaka Khan

"Hot Sauce" Is a parody of Donna Summers "Hot Stuff" is written by Donna Summers

Countdown 1 (Landscapes/Mountains)
Countdown 2 (Water Skiing)
Countdown 3 (Shopping Cart)
Countdown 4 (CEC Chuck E Cheese Footage)
Countdown 5 (Rock Climbing)
Countdown 6 (Cheese Pizza Is Pure Delight)
Countdown 7 (Do You Love Me)

CEC Originals- "Best Friend"/"Summertime"/"Livin Life"/"In The Summertime"/"SPF"/"I Love The Sunshine"

Dept 18 Cameos (Part 1)

Dept 18 Cameos (Part 2)

VeggieTales- his cheese burger reused from September 2001 Show Intermission

Birthday Break & Music

September 2013 Show Logo- reused from April 2004 show
Disney On Ice!
These are summer shows that would help CEC Songs in Summer 2013 Show the music to born in the Summer USA Showdown you would be believe it was great i have to be good to getting 2007/2008/2009/ two songs 2010/2012 everyone does he have to begone to the south of dog fishing URL Amber show is from Super Chuck Summer 2005 Show i will need to be good and safety games to proud of you can be you are the south of dog in songs of summer 2007 we love the frame of summer show today were making with september 2007/2008/2009 show sometimes we are the chuck e cheese show (2013) other ones did you have to be Safety intermissions and good true meanings "Best Friend" "Summertime" "Livin Life" "In The Summertime" "Hot Sauce" is a parody of "Hot Stuff" "SPF" "I Love The Sunshine" "Chuck E Cheese" is a parody of "I Feel For You" we are the ones that we can be strong as you can visit the green south of chuck e 2007 (2013 summer party) the music videos "abc hip hop" music today and we are good humor Mr Chuck E brings to the Party of the Summer (The Pool Party) I love the best of CECTV (summer 2013) and jack blynde was say to familiar "SPF" everything always today what she does born in the Summer USA Showdown Fast Typing the favorite intermissions are reused the most of all time and the most popular show network of cectv ids can be today what is the most outrageous moment of summer 2007 show (the chuck e cheese show 2013) looks great to be remember and rise only summer safety tip today we are the same (fabulous world adventure 1999) you are title of the "Chuck E Cheese Summer Show" Yes the question is make believe summer.
Disney On Ice: Lion King

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